Eco friendly footwear and accessories. Works with small producers in Brazil and France to produce organic trainers, bags and leather products.

Eco friendly trainers

You love your trainers but hate all those synthetic materials used in their production? Time to celebrate! Veja eco trainers are here.

When you buy a pair from Veja's amazing collections:

  • You get trainers made of organic, fair trade cotton, produced by small scale farms that resist to destructive monoculture
  • You support rubber tappers who produce rubber from natural latex, without the need to deplete petroleum resources.
  • You support the eco tanning of leather, without the use of environmentally devastating heavy metals
  • You buy products made by well-compensated Brazilian workers in Rio Grande and not in some obscure sweatshop.

Veja has a great variety of models for men, women and kids and there are designs for every taste. The colors range from neutral ones to bright tones and intense contrasts. They also create amazing bags that you can take anywhere, from a professional meeting to your next camping trip on the mountains.

Company principles

There are a couple more reasons why Veja is such an awesome company. Here are just a few of them:

Veja does not advertise and uses these funds to improve the production chain. This ensures a fair wage for workers and a competitive price.

  • Veja produces according to resource availability and demand. No stock is produced.
  • Veja packages are made out of recycled or recyclable cardboard and have the minimum size possible.
  • The product transport is done by barges, when possible, to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Veja supports Atelier Sans Frontiers, an association that helps people facing social exclusion to find work

What's more, Veja recognizes that there are limitations to the production of green trainers and its team strives to find solutions. The development of non-polluting, natural pigments - just one of the projects they have undertaken - is a great example.

Products from Veja's website