Wool clothing, accessories and sportswear from a company dedicated to sustainability - and to keeping their sheep happy!

Eco friendly sports and clothing products made from wool

Do you love active sports like hiking and biking? Then you know that nothing beats the insulation that wool can offer. Smartwool is here to take wool sports clothes to the next level!

When you choose to wear Smartwool:

  • You support the humane treatment of animals. The merino sheep of Smartwool are happy sheep that enjoy plenty of food and fresh water, graze lands and ideal weather conditions.
  • You support the elimination of mulesing - the removal of strips of wool-bearing skin from around the buttocks of a sheep.
  • You support the use of sustainable, renewable and natural materials. Because that's exactly what wool is after all!

But Smartwool does not stop there. Here are a few more awesome choices that they make:

  • They offer long term contracts to wool growers. This means financial stability.
  • The Smartwool Office Sustainability Team makes sure to reduce energy and water consumption and landfill waste as well.
  • The Smartwool Product Sustainability Team is looking for the best production techniques to minimize environmental impact.

And the best part is that you get to enjoy awesome layered apparel that keeps you comfortable under any circumstances. You can even choose to shop by activity, making the shopping experience even easier!

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