Pants to Poverty

Organic fair trade underwear brand dedicated to high ethical standards. Provide free medical care and housing to their employees.

Your underwear can have magic powers!

At Pants to Poverty you can find organic underwear that help fight poverty and empower children to better lives in India.

When you buy products from Pants to Poverty:

  • You help provide free medical care, nutrition, and housing to workers.
  • You support the funding the educational materials in local schools.
  • You support organic agriculture and reduce the use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Pants to Poverty underwear is entirely organic and has impressive power! They fight poverty and promote development in India by supporting over 5000 farmers and working together with local schools.

Pants to Poverty works closely with Chetna Organic - a farming company where farmers own their own seed. Their work covers everything from education to natural resource management creating sustainable livelihoods for over 15,000 farmers across 1,000 villages.

Pants to Poverty has also implemented strategies to reducing their environmental footprint by using for example low impact dyes and planting trees - their factory is carbon neutral! They also continuously work to reduce water consumption in their production and have managed to reduce it by over 90 %.

The power really does lie in our pants!

Conventional cotton is treated with lots of chemicals can be just as damaging to your health as the chemicals in food! And it’s really bad for the environment, polluting vast amounts of soil, air and water.

Most textiles are produced in sweatshops, where workers are underpaid, exploited and exposed to chemical dyes and bleaches, leading to unhealthy products that end up… in your pants!

Pants to Poverty offers a better, greener alternative!

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