Adagio Teas

Organic and fair trade tea company that lets you choose how you want to offset the carbon emissions associated with the delivery

Ethical tea!

Organic tea sourced directly from origin, giving you the power to improve the lives of the people who grow the tea.

When you brew a cup of an Adagio tea or herbal infusion:

  • You enjoy the finest quality teas, that come in a great variety, including decaf, herbal, loose leaf and iced teas.
  • You drink a beverage that is rich in antioxidants with multiple health benefits.
  • You support Asian farmers producing the finest quality of tea leafs, while earning a fair wage and working in a safe environment.
  • You choose a way to offset the carbon footprint of the shipment of your tea to you.

An online paradise for ethical tea connoisseurs and enthusiasts

Oolong, white, green, pu erh, chai and rooibos are just a few of the available varieties. You can also get special blends inspired by literature, comics and movie heroes and these will make great gifts for the eco-consious fandom.

In order to offset your shipping carbon footprint, Adagio encourages you to choose to support one of these awesome environmental projects:

  • The Fujian landfill in China, where methane is captured, treated accordingly and used as clean energy, reducing the waste of fossil fuels.
  • The Garcia River Forest in California, where conservation-based forest management is used, in order to protect clear waters and restore natural habitats.
  • The Cholburi wastewater biogas-to-energy project in Thailand, where a tapioca starch drying factory is powered by biogas coming from waste water. A truly sustainable solution.

Light, tasty, healthy, gourmet and environmental-friendly, Adagio teas seem like the perfect combo. Why not try them out?

Looking for a gourmet beverage that is good for your health and good for the planet? Then Adagio tea is just what you need!

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