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Number of man-made chemicals on the market

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The application of chemistry in everyday...
life is expanding all the time. Every single day 3 new chemicals enter the market adding to the many toxic chemicals in household products. We don’t really know how they affect us. See more on uses of chemicals in our daily life in the “use of chemicals” section.

Top 4 facts about chemicals in our daily life


More and more chemicals every day

New synthetic chemicals are entering the market at an average rate of 3 per day! They add to the thousands of synthetic chemicals that are already in use today. Nobody knows exactly how many we are exposed to.


Most chemicals are untested

The majority of all the synthetic chemicals that are used in our products has never been tested for how they affect our health - such as if they damage our immune systems, our ability to get children, or if they cause cancer.


Increasing evidence of negative effects

So what are the consequences of using all these chemicals? We really don’t know… but there is increasing and disturbing evidence of negative effects on our health. Even at very low doses.


Good materials exist!

Instead of listing materials to exclude, we must put our attention on materials to include. We must identify materials with favorable effects on our health (and the environment) to be used in everything that we buy. From cosmetics to furniture and toys.

Chemicals in our daily life

Nobody knows exactly how many chemicals we are exposed to. Estimates put the number between 50,000 and 100,000. We use an estimate of 75,000 in 2010. Every day three new chemicals are added to the list.

More and more chemicals every day

Most chemicals are untested

Increasing evidence of negative effects

Good materials exist!

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