Forestation And Deforestation

The good news is that new forests are being planted. The bad news is that it is not nearly enough to make up for the forests that are being cut down - forestation and deforestation are not in balance.


Hectares of replanted forests

Globally, this year

Top 4 Facts about Replanted forests


Forests are being replanted

Around 52,000 square kilometers of forests are re-planted every year. This is less than half of what is being cut down or burned in a year. At current pace, the disappearing of forests on the planet continues at an alarming rate.


But it’s not enough

The good thing is that the speed at which our forests disappear is slowing. But it's still disappearing! The growing population will add to the challenge of conserving our planet's forests.


There is hope !

Yet, the trend of disappearing forests can be reversed! Data suggests that replanting- and reforestation projects could do it within 30 years.


You can make a difference

Reversing the trend also put demands on us. We must start asking questions about how the things we buy; from furniture and toilet paper to cosmetics and beef, and pick those that are forest-friendly.